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Frequently Asked Questions

CentralU is open to all Central Baptist Church members and visitors alike.

The Certificate Track is an intensive, structured journey through the four canons of Central Baptist Church that includes the following elements under each canon:

  • Core Texts
  • Elective Texts
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Practicum

Certificate Track students will have their work graded with a Pass/Fail grade and must pass to get credit for the class.

The goal of the Certificate Track is to equip students who go through this process to be deeply and strategically versed and equipped in the biblical, theological, and ecclesiological foundations of each canon. The Certificate Track lasts as long as students need to complete the requirements. We would like to challenge CentralU participants to consider participating in the Certificate Track.

Any person can take any CentralU class with or without purchasing the material unless there are special circumstances related to the class whereby its membership would need to be limited (in such circumstances, this would be communicated in the enrollment material for the class).

We are committed to not creating closed-off classes (again, unless there is a legitimate class-specific reason to do so) and the audit option keeps that from happening.

The foundation course to all others is Central Matters A, which also serves as our new members’ class. Because the other courses build off of the 4 Canons, it’s important to lay the groundwork initially.